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Our Story.

In 1971, John L. Jones purchased his first apartment building in Los Angeles. The building was in poor condition, but he was undaunted. He worked tirelessly, high up on ladders painting exterior walls and toiling underneath sinks to replace aging pipes. That was the beginning of Jones & Jones, a family legacy built on improving properties, elevating neighborhoods and providing residents with high quality residences at every price point.

Today, Jones & Jones Communities is helmed by John L. Jones’s only daughter, Peggy. Known for her attention to detail and hands-on approach, Peggy has carried out her father’s vision, expanding the company to more than 2700 units in 38 buildings across central Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County. In 2010, Peggy’s daughter Krystal joined the family business, marking a generational shift toward sustained future growth.